Why Are You Afraid of Us?

إقرأ هذه القصة بالعربية

Homophobia is a very heavy word isn’t it?

It literally translates to fear of homosexuals. What I do not understand is why anyone would have an actual fear of us. What is there to be afraid of? Aren’t we human? Are we not made of the same flesh and blood? Are we not all born the same way? Does it really matter that some people are attracted to the same sex as opposed to the opposite?

The answer should be no, I still do not know what all the fuss is about. Living in an Arab society, coming out is like committing an act of murder. It is like murdering your religion, your identity, your nationality, because apparently being gay goes against all of the above. I only came out to a couple of friends whom I trust, because you cannot trust anyone. We are not a disease, we are not lepers.

I only felt like I fit in when I traveled abroad, to other more developed countries than ours, where religious ideals are not so deeply rooted and the people are more open minded.

Homophobia started to seem irrelevant to me after attending a Mashrou3 Leila concert last year in Byblos, and seeing the diversity, and seeing everyone -gay, straight, and bisexual- gathered under the one big banner that is music. The high point was seeing Hamed Sinno raise the gay flag, proudly fluttering suspended above the audience, because it was then that I knew that we can all overcome this, nothing and no one can touch us if we don’t allow them.

– Ralph H.


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5 Responses to Why Are You Afraid of Us?

  1. LiVia says:

    I’ve written about something very much like this. I do hope the world turns and things get better in your area of the world, though trust when I tell you progress is slow still for many of us whom are different.

  2. Nour says:

    hey…a friend linked me to this, and thank god he did! i really liked wht u wrote and it’s sooo true tht people are afraid wich is soo absured!! i mean how is it acceptable for people to be thrown in prison just because of their sexuality…it really pisse’s me of how retarted the arabe world is!! i’m really inpired by people like Hammed Sinno, yourself and many others who are proud of who they are and are not afraid to show it..so thanks i guess!

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