It’s Their Loss!

إقرأ هذه القصة بالعربية

“Homophobia” is a funny sounding word if you want to come and think about it! But it’s really ironic how a word so funny has some extremely strong impact on some people’s lives. To be quite frank, homophobia has affected me in many more ways than I can actually recall, mostly throughout my years in school. Back then I was forced to sit, eat, and walk alone on my lunch-breaks, all because I was “gay.”
When I started university, I met a lot of gay-friendly people, who just loved me for who I am. But sometimes, up until this day, this funny sounding word still haunts me from time to time. To give you an example, I have two sisters, one is a total fag hag, and the other is just the total opposite, the utmost bitter homophobic female I encountered in my life. While one supports me, the other constantly tries to put me down, but always ends up failing!

In my university life, homophobia prevented me from having heterosexual male friends, not because I’m feminine, no, but because I’m out, and VERY proud. It’s really their loss!
I pray that people would soon forget that this word exists, wishing never hurts.

– Anonymous



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5 Responses to It’s Their Loss!

  1. Great contribution. Thank you for writing. I am glad to see you are coping well and that you are proud of who you are. Stay Strong

  2. Damascusian says:

    Hey, thanks for explaining exactly how I feel toward heterosexual male friends. I don’t have any. I met a lot of bi-curious guys though …

  3. Diana says:

    Just believe that one day these people will evolve mentally, in the meantime enjoy your life and just be you:)

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