Holding Hands in Public

إقرأ هذه القصة بالعربية

It’s the little things that sometimes make the biggest difference. I never thought twice about the public displays of affection I would see on campus or in the street . Couples holding hands or kissing was not a shocking sight. No big deal, right?

But it is a big deal to those in the LGBT community. I know several wonderful couples who must hold back in public. No holding hands, no kissing, no nothing. They can’t even be free at LGBT-friendly nightclubs because the bouncers will stop them. Being LGBT-friendly doesn’t negate the fact that Article 534 still exists and some clubs may not want to risk being “too gay” and getting in trouble – whether they are justified or not.

It pains me greatly to see these couples having to act like “friends” in public. It hurts that I could do so many things that they can’t. It’s not fair. We may be one of the most liberal Arab countries when it comes to gay rights, but that’s not enough. Maybe one day we all can take holding hands in public for granted, LGBT or not. This will only happen if we keep fighting, and fight we shall.

– Rita



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3 Responses to Holding Hands in Public

  1. Such great power to your story Rita. Thank you for being the strong ally you are to our community.

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