My Homophobic Mom Loves Her Gay Son!

إقرأ هذه القصة بالعربية

Homophobia is everywhere.

رهاب المثلية Arabic for Homophobia

My mother tells me, it is ok to be gay, “tab khalas, ma lezim tkhabbir 7adan, 3eesh 7ayetak, ma 7ada ilo ma3ak bas ma 7ada lezim ya3rif.” (Arabic for “Fine, but you don’t have to tell anyone. Live your life. It is no one’s business but no one needs to know”)

What she does not know is that even if I hide my homosexuality the society is not hiding its homophobia.

I have to listen to Nidal Al-Ahmadieyyeh launching a brutal attack on me in Al-Jaras reinforcing stereotypes that even my loving family falls a victim to. I have to hear newly elected Maronite Patriarch Bechara El Raii diagnosing me (I happen to be a physician) that I am mentally ill. While my parents and friends laugh I hurt listening to homophobic degrading jokes by LOL on OTV. The list goes on.

My mother is homophobic. When she tells me she still loves me even though I am gay, I tell her I also “love the sinner” but hate her sin. I will not quit though, I will continue to discuss this matter with her to dispel all myths and rid her of this socially acquired disease. Thanks to Helem for publications like Rihab Al Mithliyya (Arabic for Homophobia), being the only reference I could find in the only language my mom can read.

Signed: “Your typical Lebanese gay/lesbian physician, and there are plenty of us.”



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9 Responses to My Homophobic Mom Loves Her Gay Son!

  1. Gaythesit says:

    I loved how you said that even though we can hide our orientation , homophobia doesn’t hide itself! This is so true, and so sad…

  2. Mish says:

    takes courage! I gave up in less than a month

  3. Ayman Basheer says:

    Such a great talk. Really thanks! Moms are great after all.

  4. Daan de Leeuw says:

    Love concures all. Live your life the way you want to be and love your mom because she loves you. My love and thoughts are with you both.

  5. author30 says:

    Excellent, thoughtful piece. I greatly enjoyed reading it.

  6. Peter says:

    loved every word of it ….”and there are plenty of us” 🙂

  7. andrew says:

    stay strong guys … your fight to your rights are just getting started … i think Lebanon is the best in the middle east .. you are facing your society demanding your right to live and be happy …

    just stay strong

    btw im from egypt 🙂

  8. BiSexual says:

    nice post dear, thank you for your honesty even when you related to ” religious ” icons.

    i do not want to say that i ” envy ” you that at least your mother knows even if she says ” no one needs to know “, a lot of us do not dare to come out even for their best friends 😦

    keep it going

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