My Heart is None of Your Business

إقرأ هذه القصة بالعربية

(English translation to follow)

Je ne suis pas homosexuelle, mais je suis victime d’homophobie.
Un peu bizarre, oui, mais non.
A chaque fois que j’entends des répliques homophobes je meurs un peu.
Et je pense qu’il y a des gens qui meurent beaucoup parce que leur
plus proches les ont harassés avec leur homophobie.


Ce mot tonne mal dans mes oreilles.
Trop de “o”.
L’homophobie, c’est scandaleux.
On a peur d’une personne parce qu’elle fait l’amour avec une personne
du même sexe.
Au fait, pourquoi nous intéressons-nous au partenaire amoureux et sexuel d’autrui?

Mais c’est l’affaire de qui si mon cœur bat plus vite lorsque je vois une fille ou un garçon?
Mon cardiologue, peut-être.

— Athenia.

English translation:

I am not homosexual, but I am a victim of homophobia.

A bit strange, perhaps, but not really.
Every time I hear homophobic statements, I die a little.
And I think that there are people who actually died because those closest to them harassed them with their homophobia.


That word sounds weird in my ears.
Too many “o”s.
Yes, homophobia is shameful.
We fear someone because they make love to people of the same sex.
In fact, why are we interested in others’ sexual and romantic partners?

Whose business is it if my heart beats faster when I see a girl or a boy?
My cardiologist, perhaps.


_ _ _

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4 Responses to My Heart is None of Your Business

  1. BiSexual says:

    😦 for ” Whose business is it if my heart beats faster when I see a girl or a boy? “

  2. Asquared says:

    love it ! beautifully written ( in french )! But the english translation kills it if u ask me..

  3. Badapple says:

    I agree with Asquared, the English translation kind of killed it even if you’re just trying to make everyone understand what they’re reading..
    Beautifully written and deep,
    i couldn’t have said it any better,
    plus the funny twist in the end was the cherry on top!
    You got yourself a fan Athenia 😀 ❤

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