My Words, My Pain!

My words, my pain – and time stood still

Of wonder and worry, and the days I died
I can’t believe how buried I was
How silenced I was
Who I was
Who was I?

My words, my pain – days have come and gone
I think of the day I found a voice
I was dying, crying, shaming
Torturous seconds, an eternity
Oh how that was
How was that?

My words, my pain – and today I stand
Time on my side, time on my mind
Oh that tiny voice, it grew strong
It grows strong, it is weak
Why is that?
Why is that?

My words, my pain – and now I write again
Bound caged trapped hurt shot warped loved wanted enlightened opened closed boundless

Do I feel this way? Still?
I don’t think so; yet, I hear the silenced voices of many and it is so

How strange that is
How is that strange?

My Words
Sam Khoury

Photo taken by Sam Khoury

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banner by BeirutBoy (source)

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