Coming Out and Homophobia

When I came out to my mother and father in February of 1999, I discovered how close and how scary homophobia is. My parents told me that if I were to continue with my “sick and immoral life” that I would be kicked out of my home and sent to the streets. I never felt so alone and scared; I had to deny who I was for several years and I started to have huge bouts of depression. I listened to the song by Tori Amos “Upside Down” as I truly felt my life was turning upside down. I was beginning to have suicidal feelings and there were times when I felt that my parents’ views were right. It was only until a few years later that I found the support and love that I needed to finally feel both healthy and normal.

– Anonymous



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1 Response to Coming Out and Homophobia

  1. BiSexual says:

    i am glad that you found your support and love 🙂

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