Not a Criminal

My only memorable experiences were the homophobic reactions I got from my immediate and extended families after I finally came out a few years ago. It was expected, but I was still disappointed to see them place illogical values ahead of the health and happiness of their own family member, continuously treating me like a criminal until several siblings came to their senses and showed their acceptance and support of my identity.
I consider these experiences to be memorable because I no longer care about the general homophobia that surrounds us here, which I have to block for my own sanity. It’s not that I tolerate it, I just do not allow it to influence me the way it used to in my younger years. But homophobic families are hurtful. I was lucky that I at least had some siblings to support me after a while, but my parents and other family members still mistreat me after having come out.
– Samir


banner by @LebanonRebel (source)

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