Homophobia Exists Everywhere

I’m a Lebanese guy, born and raised in Lebanon, in a somehow conservative family. Left Beirut at the age of 18 and currently living in the US away from family and close friends.

I have always considered myself as one of the more “openly gay” people in Lebanon and by that I don’t mean that I was a lady; I was out to my friends in school and a few family members which is more than most gay guys in Lebanon. I had different reactions at school, but no one really threw stones at me. Some friends were totally cool about it and some others built a wall of ice around them to block me out.

When more members of my family found out, one declared war against me and the other calmly suggested therapy. That’s when I knew the fun had ended and life isn’t going to be easy in Beirut. After I moved to the US, I was relieved. I was so happy to be away that I wanted to express my gayness in any way possible. I came out to everybody and whoever had a problem with it, I told them to go to hell and it felt amazing!

Homophobia exists everywhere, in the East and in the West, and I think it’s the lack of education and knowledge which leads to homophobia. Parents, schools and social organizations should teach children that homosexuality is not a taboo, is not a sin, is not against the law and is a natural way of living. With this education, things will start getting brighter.
If homophobic people would use 50% of their energy to fight crimes against humanity instead of harmless gay people, the world would be a better place to live in.

– Nicolas


About BeirutBoy

Lebanese boy livin in Beirut. Soakin up the city's energy. Workin in the Marketing field. Enjoyin music, movies, photography, and the arts. Oh... and I happen to be gay =D
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1 Response to Homophobia Exists Everywhere

  1. BiSexual says:

    Wow, nice post dear Nicolas 🙂

    Don’t want to say that i am glad that you are away from Lebanon cause of what you had suffered, but i think that this is for the best of your life.

    I agree with you that Homophobia exits everywhere, and lack of awareness will lead for bad and wrong decisions. Do not forget that ” Religion ” plays a huge role in this field and can affect education and awareness too !!!

    Thanks for sharing, keep it going.

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