I Have a Life to Live

Homophobes had a great impact on me while growing up.

There are no homophobe-free zones where I go. When I was in school, I had to deal with them, and even in university, they made me feel like I’m worthless and that I deserved to be ridiculed and teased.

But not so long ago, I learned to just ignore these people and enjoy my life. Through my experiences, I learned that the reason why some homophobes act like they do is because they’re afraid of us because we are different. Others also feel that they, to some extent, are attracted to the same sex, so being a bully is the only way they know how to deal with it because they know that society won’t accept them if they show their true colors.

Knowing all this, I can now say “Suck on it!”. It’s not my job to deal with the consequences of our dearly beloved homophobes’ issues. I have a life to live!

– Christophe


About BeirutBoy

Lebanese boy livin in Beirut. Soakin up the city's energy. Workin in the Marketing field. Enjoyin music, movies, photography, and the arts. Oh... and I happen to be gay =D
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1 Response to I Have a Life to Live

  1. Gaytheist says:

    Very Strong message! loved it

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