Blinding Ignorance

My experience with homophobia usually is a result of me confronting others with it. A general observation I can make is that, save for a very tiny group of people, everyone else seems to look at homosexuality as something negative, even if they are on the positive side of the gay/lesbian issues.

Recently, I was at an educational conference targeting gays and lesbians of a specific ethnic group.A lot of people were there, but the majority of them weren’t there to support the event.They were there to look at gays and lesbians from their community because they couldn’t believe that homosexuality exists within their ethnic group.I just couldn’t believe it, here you have people fighting for their rights, and the people within their own community don’t even accept the fact that they exist.Let’s just say that I walked out of the conference so that I could suppress the violent rage that was filling inside me.


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1 Response to Blinding Ignorance

  1. BeirutBoy says:

    I can relate to ur frustration Lalith…Thanks for sharing

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