Shouldn’t Everyday be a Day Against Homophobia?

I am late, I know I am! But I was never known to remember dates… how could May 17th come so quickly?

It seems it was only a few days ago that I saw this, and thought… I have to bring my camera next time, take a pic, write a post, and send it for the IDAHO!

Well, today was the day I brought my camera, and today was the day I clicked the picture, and today too is May 17th, the international day against homophobia. I am late, I know I am! But… as has been said before, shouldn’t everyday be a day against homophobia?

When I first read about Lebanon IDAHO on BeirutBoy’s blog, I thought… what a great idea… what could I possibly share? I racked my brains, and came up with nothing worth writing about… see, I learned about homophobia a long time after I learned that homosexual people, are really just people.

And then, a few days ago (or has it been two weeks ago already?) I saw this on the side of one of those magazine/ newspaper selling stands… what is it you ask? Do you really not see it? It’s those really cool/ creative flyers that have been around Beirut to encourage people to share their stories about homophobia…. at least that’s what they were in this picture.

When I saw this (so soon after I had read about these flyers being posted in Beirut) I thought: What?! Is it that scary? Was the person who ripped them so scared of the “Attack of the Gays”?! Was the newspaper vendor worried people would think he was gay?! (La sama7 Allah/ Oh heaven forbid!)

I don’t know for sure… maybe the person just didn’t like the colors… but maybe that person was (is) a homophobe. And that just made me angry!


Written on May 17: International Day Against Homophobia

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pic source: Christine


About BeirutBoy

Lebanese boy livin in Beirut. Soakin up the city's energy. Workin in the Marketing field. Enjoyin music, movies, photography, and the arts. Oh... and I happen to be gay =D
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