#LEBidaho 2012: We Will Not Be Censored

Last week, a homophobic article published in a Lebanese student newspaper reconfirmed the fact that people have big misconceptions surrounding the LGBTQ community.

“Being gay is a disease.”

“Homosexuality is like having a chain around a man’s neck”

“Gays are the reason behind STDs skyrocketing”

“LGBT life is all about lust, hunger, and addiction.”

Thanks to the brave and uncensored voices that you will hear in the coming week leading up to the big day on May 17 (International Day Against Homophobia), these misconceptions will hopefully be cleared up.

Let the stories begin…

We begin with Elie’s journey 🙂

Looking forward to your comments…


About BeirutBoy

Lebanese boy livin in Beirut. Soakin up the city's energy. Workin in the Marketing field. Enjoyin music, movies, photography, and the arts. Oh... and I happen to be gay =D
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