A glimpse of my first day in a new school.

“Do you have a boyfriend?” I wondered why she was asking me such a personal question, after all, it was my first day in this school. I smoothly replied with “No.” She said “lesbian” in between her coughs.

What are you suppose to do in a situation like this? Laugh it off? Act repulsed? Or stare blankly at the person who said that.. because I’m stealthy like that. Wait until she says “Oh, I’m joking hahahaha!” & start laughing, then stop laughing when she says “No actually, I’m not joking.” Sounds like a really delightful person doesn’t she?

Fuck going to a new school in your sophomore year. I don’t believe anyone thought I was gay, they just joke about homosexuals a lot.. what a coincidence. What does this say about a person who acts rude without a cause the first time you meet them? Bully, homophobic obviously, and immature. Do heterosexuals want hatred as a norm in our society? Put an end to homophobia. Put an end to the “That’s so gay” commentaries because when you think about the people who took their lives due to bullying, it isn’t funny at all.

– Anonymous

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1 Response to A glimpse of my first day in a new school.

  1. BeirutBoy says:

    Yeah I have those moments where ppl joke about me and I dont even see it coming. When the rug gets swept from under you for a second.

    Thanks for sharing ur story…

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