Homophobia in Islamic class.

“Yay, we have Islamic class.” my friend said. She was religious & LGBT friendly. It’s not my favorite class to be honest. It started with the teacher saying “girls dressing like guys.” & suddenly she got my attention. I don’t know what she was talking about before that, I was daydreaming about Doctor Hotpants aka Dr. Lauren Lewis from Lost Girl. The teacher continued with saying “and girls with girls.” kind of  bashfully. I looked around and I could already see a look of disgust forming on my friends’ faces.

“Of course these people will burn in hell.” she said. My classmates started sharing their stories of seeing two girls kissing in public. “ya mama 5ayafoni. They scared me.” a girl said. As in homophobic scared she became? Heck, I was the one scared being surrounded by them.

“It’s unbelievable how this feminine girl turned into a boy within a week of moving to that school, I heard that it’s full of lesbians.” Now she’s implying being gay is a disease or a choice. I wish I could tell her she was wrong, wish I could explain, wish she’d understand. But when you grow up in a prejudiced society how could you not learn being intolerant.

My friend out of nowhere said, “Hey guys, don’t make fun of them! They’re mentally ill!” The girl I was sitting beside at that class whispered “Why is she defending them?” I wouldn’t call it defending. I don’t know what to think about what she said, would she hate me if she knew? Would she report me to my parents? I wasn’t ready to find out & so I kept quiet like I always did.

My Islamic teacher said it was wrong being gay but she didn’t give any explanation as to why. It was simply wrong because she didn’t like it.

– Anonymous

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1 Response to Homophobia in Islamic class.

  1. a friend says:

    Dear Anonymous, I’m sorry for you to have to go through this circumstance, many people in the world do not fully immerse themselves into the perspective of those they are condemning. I myself do not suffer the same ignorance. Each person saying something negative is in no position to judge gay people, and all of them are especially less qualified to determine who goes to hell or not. Now I often find myself picturing myself as a gay person and I find that it is a very difficult position to be given. I often speak to a few of the gay friends that I find mature and honest enough to speak more in depth about themselves and their thoughts. And for the most part they honestly are attracted to the same sex and I believe them. Now how to dictate if this is wrong or not ? The answer is you simply cannot. Gay people find the same sex attractive and that is simply the truth of it. But never the less we will be “judged” by god for our “actions” and not exactly the feelings that drive those actions. I hope that helps,

    – A friend

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