Ignorance & Stubborrnness

Ignorance. The fact that hate is part of our education, the fact that we are not aware of decisions taken in 1973, the fact that we do not want to know.
Stubbornness. The fact that what our parents tell us cannot be questioned, the fact that the only source we trust is a thousand-year old book, the fact that scientific proof is not enough.
That is what generates homophobia in Lebanon. That is what ruins lives, gets teenagers kicked out of their houses, women treated like trash and men abandoned, barely breathing, in a dark alley.
Talking about homophobia will make it seem normal, that is why I want to talk about the people who supported me, accepted me.
Because when they were around me, no one dared to comment on my sexuality, criticize me or even look at me. That is how everyone ended up seeing me as the normal person I am.
These are the people who really matter and these are the people who will change, one day, the Lebanese mentality.

Karim N.
The Man & the Seagull

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