Homophobia claimed my brother’s life

To anyone reading this, I’m not looking for sympathy or “likes” I just wanted to get this off my chest. Few years ago I have met a guy that was like my little brother, even though he was younger I always wanted to get his approval in everything I did and felt very close to him. I had a feeling he was gay but never questioned him because I didn’t want him to think I was judging him. We grew up together, spoke to each other EVERY day; he was the little brother I never had. Years later, he felt comfortable with his sexuality and finally came out to everyone. I wasn’t in shock; I knew all along and accepted him in everything. You may have wondered how I was so accepting of his sexual orientation, well..I’m gay too. Never said a word to him about it, the little brother I had was now a stronger man than I will ever be.

Bullying in high school, family problems, and wrong friends lead to the death of my little brother. In my head all I ever said was “only if I would of came out to him, maybe he will be here today” I felt guilty for his suicide, what would of happened if he found out I was just like him. To come out is not only going to help me, it’s going to set an example for young men that are beyond confused and hurt. Please don’t judge anyone, open your hearts and you may save a life.

– MB


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1 Response to Homophobia claimed my brother’s life

  1. Paul says:

    Maybe you kept your little brother alive a lot longer than you think. Maybe your unconditional love and support helped him before and after he come out. Losing any lives to suicide is always horrible. Please don’t blame yourself.

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