Extremely Loud + Incredibly Close

Homophobia, for me, is the disease of the misinformed and the ignorant.
Homophobia plagues the masses, it eats at their commons sense, it eats away at their brains until there is nothing left but hate. Hate, to a peaceful, harmless, minority.
Oh, how the gays have shocked and rocked the very foundations of recent history.
Homophobia is not only a question of discrimination, but also a question of inequality.
If all men are created equal, or so they say, then why can some men love freely, while others are denied that very basic right. The others, the minority, are shoved away in a box in the back of a horrific closet, repressed, stashed at the periphery of society, in hopes that, if ignored long enough, they would disappear.
That’s not going to happen.
Homophobia is just a word. It is an abstract idea that can be eliminated. Ideas should not take over our lives, no matter how scary they might sound, no matter what the consequences of that word are. A word should not dictate how much of myself I choose to show to society, and how much of myself I choose to show to my reflection in the mirror, in my bedroom, locked away in the corner.
Ideas, if put under severe pressure, have the tendency to change.
Homophobia should not dictate whether I have the right to love another man, whether I have the right to hold his hand on the street, whether I can invite him home with me, whether he can hold me, kiss me, make love to me. Homophobia is only scary if I make it scary, homophobia will only take over my life if I let it.
Homophobia is a glass shield for a society that does not want to listen, does not want to learn, does not want to evolve. It is a fragile glass shield that can be shattered, that will be shattered, because we are here, we exist, and we are certainly not going away.
Historians wrote about the fight for the equality of the races.
Historians wrote about the fight for the equality of the sexes.
Soon, historians will write about the fight for the equality the equality of sexualities, because no matter what anyone says, no matter how many people will hate, love and union will conquer everything, and we shall prevail.
We shall abolish homophobia.

– Ralph Haddad

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