Walk with us in the hall of shame

Within the dickheads’ erection, we have the appearance of two new names.

1-Georges Abu Abboud: Mayor of Dekweneh

Yesterday i decided to watch the episode that Joe Maalouf prepared about the crime of Dekweneh (When we talk about the crime of Dekweneh, yes we say the Criminal Antoine Shakhtoura)

Hall of Shame

Yes. Joe Maalouf, the same Joe Maalouf who was responsible for the arrest of 36 men and them being treated in an unhuman way. He decided to repent. Frankly the episode was a masterpiece, phenomenal, Joe Maalouf whether we like it or not took the struggle to a way whole new level. All was great, till the mayor of Dekweneh decided to talk, Georges Abou Abboud, defending the municipality, wow am surprised, until the Adrenaline reaches a record level with him, and he says it: “If my son was like this I’d shoot him dead”. Honey?! Relax, chill, if i was your son?! I’d Shoot you dead too!!! Believe me, it’s not a one way thingy….


Mr Mayor, i mean, do u still preserve your mustaches?! No?! Are you of a half man now?! What?!?! Do you still have an erection?! No?! Does that make you half of a man?! OY?! Relax Darling!!! No need for a stroke on TV, crush your filthiness in your office, not on viewers!!!


2-Marwan Charbel: Ex minister of Interior affairs and municipalities

“لبنان ضد اللواط، وهو بحسب القانون اللبناني يعتبر جناية. وأنا أتساءل هل بعدما سمحت فرنسا بزواج المثليين، نسمح بدخولهم لبنان؟”

Ok, he’s against “faggots” and it’s a heavy crime in the Lebanese law, and he’s wondering if France lets them get married do we allow them get in Lebanon?

Oh !!! No for sure not, do not give them the nationality. Wait! Are they Lebanese?! Who gave them the nationality?! Oh they got it from their parents?! and their grandparents?! Oh wow, ur ancestors gave that family of “Faggots” the nationality?

While reading his comment, i felt i missed the stamp on me! Am I made in France? Or made in China?!! I started looking for it… no traces found. Oh those “Faggots” are really good. They’ve hidden their traces well. But Minister Charbel knows well that some1 allowed my entry to Lebanon. Hmmm….OK i found the solution, i am truly interested of knowing my origins.

I suggest the following: Minister Charbel, I’ll allow you to examine my testicles. I have only one condition, you do it personally, you know cz i trust you. And with ur bare hands. Ok i’ll allow you to get oral too, just because i would like to know where I’m coming from, and therefore you can investigate who allowed me in this country.

I’m so proud of ministers like you, and i salute the way you ended your legacy!

By: Joseph Aoun 


About DannySays

Danny is a guy with lots on his mind; he is a gay Arab man; a writer and a cheesy person most of the time.
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