EQUALATHON: I blog for dignity


“When it comes to human dignity, we cannot make compromises” – Angela Merkel

The LGBT community in Lebanon is subjected to discrimination on a daily basis. We always thought that the people needed more education on that matter and I myself tried to educate some people in the hopes of creating a better entourage for myself to be more comfortable with. But when it comes to human dignity, i fear that education alone is not sufficient.


When the head of the municipality of Dekwaneh forces himself into a night club that is gay friendly, without any court orders, beats up a couple of homosexuals, just because they are being themselves, puts people in the trunk of some car, drives them to the municipality, undress them and takes pictures of them nude. This guy went beyond being a regular homophobe. This guy went beyond any state of perversion that i know of. This homophobic pervert took it one step too far when he raped those people’s dignity, and outed them in public. We’re not talking about LGBT rights, we’re talking about human rights.

This crime of his was covered by religious groups and schools (the cherry on top). You guys are so proud of your religious teachings of equality, love and forgiveness, so why not practice them? Your duality is just breathtaking.

Back to Mr. homophobic pervert


These acts, coming from a criminal like you are anticipated. You were raised and taught to beat the other.

You were raised to refuse anything that is different. You were raised to hate while we do what we do best……..we love

I didn’t write this to insult anyone. Actions speak louder than words, and your actions did it a lot louder.

I don’t blog for the fun of it, i do much more.

I blog for freedom and equality, for love and acceptance, for peace and tolerance. I blog for everything right.

I blog for human rights, for civil rights, for yours and mine. I blog for the right to indifference, for not giving a damn. I blog for you and me, for your freedom of expression and for my sexual identity.

I blog for dignity.

By: Another one of THOSE!

Original Link: http://another1ofthose.wordpress.com/2013/05/06/i-blog-for-dignity/


About DannySays

Danny is a guy with lots on his mind; he is a gay Arab man; a writer and a cheesy person most of the time.
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