EQUALATHON: It’s Now Or Never

The community is invited today to launch its activism on the ground through the masses. Many activists have been working their asses off throughout the past years to set an adequate environment. Today more than ever, people are ready to embrace a new step forward, outside the circle of fear and hatred. 

We need to acknowledge that we are everywhere, all the time, and making change on an everyday basis.


We are the brain of creation in this country, we’re not allowed anymore to let ourselves imprisoned by a bunch of ignorant people.

Whether its a head of a municipality, a mayor, a minister, a cleric, or even just the guy next door who’s still confused about his sexuality and bullies others.

It’s not allowed to fear anymore, a struggle is built on confrontation. No I’m not calling upon a revolution, I’m calling upon a personal decision of change, I’m calling upon not ignoring insults, I’m calling upon shaming homophobes. It’s true that many of us have been living in the blessing of a high position or a secure stand, yet we need to always remember the others who are suffering and not being able to raise the voice.

I’m calling upon lobbying. I’m calling upon investing in ourselves and in our community.

Change is not a gift that people just give to you. Change is something you seek and achieve.

I’m calling upon opening dialogues, demanding recognition, earning respect, and imposing a statue quo of a positive tolerant society outside our own personal bubble and inside it.

I’m calling on spreading awareness in schools, not to make people suffer what many of us did.

I’m calling for a better future for the generations to come…


By: Joseph Aoun


About DannySays

Danny is a guy with lots on his mind; he is a gay Arab man; a writer and a cheesy person most of the time.
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