EQUALATHON: Victimizing oneself

I always watched TV episodes prepared on the subject of homosexuality in Lebanon. It always used to bug me, to see some people addressing the viewers as victims. Well maybe they are, truly, yet still i was bugged.

What bugs me more, is when people believe that we, as gay people, are not reflecting a good image about the community to others (supposedly straight people).


One of the most heard comments was that we’re not showing our diversity to others, we’re not fitting the normal view of others. Why would we do that? We’re not like others. We are a minority (supposedly), minorities are different, definitely, and certainly we live in a world of minorities (as some wise man said).

I’m stating this opinion not to offend any1’s belief, but just to highlight another angle, my perspective to how things should go.

1-No we’re no beggars: We should stop dealing with the matter as if we’re waiting for a charity from any1. Our right of existence comes naturally when we are born, our right of being is acquired through the history of humanity that fought for equality and most importantly justice. I wonder how there is no fascist theory that appeared calling for the superiority of the Homosexual race on the Straight race.

2-No we’re not acceptance seekers: To be accepted by who?! Who is the judge?! Why are we giving people the right to judge us. They are not competent to do so anyway. If anything they are to be judged like us, in their belief of course, since most of homophobia comes out of religiously committed persons (And i did not say believers, their belief doesn’t tell them to judge, their religion does). If anything, many in this society need our acceptance for their bad taste, lack of fabulousness, and closed mindedness.

3-No we are no victims: Excuse me for believing the following. I have this theory about victims, that somehow they allow predators to make of them their feast. Well yeah, it’s somehow inhuman of me to believe so, yet i believe in each person’s responsibility in life. Yes true we tend to sympathize with the weak, we all do, but what if being weak is a choice, what if it was the easiest choice for some people??!! So let’s think of this, are we empowering the position of homophobes in a way or another? Cz God witnesses i bashed plenty of them with no effort, it took me some few words to make them feel weird about their existence, and isolated in their cocoon, and if words were not sufficient, my high heel would do the job leaving its trace on their figure.

4-No we’re not divided: I see myself in every transsexual in the city. I’m offended when every and each one of them is insulted. I am the feminine and the masculine, I am the classic and the eccentric. I am the saint and I am the whore. I am the discreet, the outed, and the Exhibitionist. I am the monogamous and the promiscuous. The drunk and the drug addict. I am the educated and the illiterate. I’m the cool and the ab-noxious. I am the rich and I am the poor. The queen and the straight looking. The Top and the Bottom. Just like any “Straight” guy in this town. I am the alternative, oh definitely I am the alternative, yet I am also the mainstream.

So what is it really we wanna prove to others?! Anyway, who are the others?…

By: Joseph Aoun


About DannySays

Danny is a guy with lots on his mind; he is a gay Arab man; a writer and a cheesy person most of the time.
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