EQUALATHON: We will always exist …

No one can doubt that as Lebanese LGBT community we have accomplished a lot and we are still accomplishing more but what we have done so far is nothing compared to the the rights that we deserve and the equality we are asking for.
But my biggest concern is that all the acceptance we are getting these days and all the support that we are glad to have can’t save me or my fellow LGBT friends from being humiliated , abused and degraded for the fact that we are LGBT , just because the rusty laws of the stone ages that we follow in Lebanon aren’t on our side!

They call our relationships as “an unnatural sexual behavior” that can send us to jail for over one year! Not to mention that closeted people will face huge problems with their families after being outed in this degrading way …
The Dekweneh incident is not the first attack on the LGBT community and it will certainly not be the last in a country that doesn’t respect the simplest human rights … But we will never surrender , we will never give up fighting and we will always exist no matter what they do , all the discrimination we are facing is only going to make us stronger , make up more powerful and more determined to fight for our rights !
Back to the Dekweneh incident , If we just talk human rights and forget the fact that those people were of the LGBT community , those are still considered human beings and they deserve to be respected morally and physically ! No one has the right to strip people naked and photograph them! And No one has the right to detain people like criminals just for the fact that they were partying at a club !
The mayor of Dekweneh declared to the media earlier that there were no evidence of drug use or prostitution or anything but at the same time he said that closing the club was mainly to ”protect” Dekweneh’s people from the ”perversion” ! and the brings us to the point that the club was mainly closed for the fact that it was LGBT friendly …
So unfortunately they are seeing homosexuality and transsexuality as a ”threat” to the society! for these people i will say , i advise you to visit some of the ”straight” clubs out there and see the amount of perversion there , from intensive drug use , to uncontrollable sexual acts , to prostitution …. And i am sure that this is far more of a ”threat” for the society than a bunch of gay people partying at Ghost.
I don’t know if a place like Lebanon is even considered as a country ,a place that criminalize its citizens instead of protecting them, a place where ”those in charge” don’t care about people at all but when it comes to any sexual behavior that they might find unusual to them they will suddenly start to care and can’t get out of people’s pants and they suddenly turn into ”saviors” from the ”deviant behavior” ! while they let the criminals and thieves ”yesra7o w yemra7o” as we say in Lebanese …


By: http://shouldiexist.blogspot.com/


About DannySays

Danny is a guy with lots on his mind; he is a gay Arab man; a writer and a cheesy person most of the time.
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