EQUALATHON: We’re All Family

I was born and raised in Lebanon and I stand before you this evening in support of this ordinance. I worry about the future of our city ; yes of course Today, and every day, we fight for freedom, justice, We beckon for compassion.


For Lebanon, gay rights are not a political or social priority, and the principles of non-discrimination are ambiguous.
I laugh Everyday, Watching the homophobic Behavior in Lebanon And yes I’ve been told once that “Homophobia is the Definition of People Who Do nothing in Life” And I Agree, As so many young people are being affected “Suicide; self-loathing; Isolation; inability to find work or integrate, based on fear”

As For #DekAbuse Its Really Awful, I Feel Sorry to hear such stories Every single day, yes It’s Really Bad ! We’re in 2013 And We should Move Forward . Let’s exorcise our anger, and baptize our pain, and stand here strong.
let us proclaim the defense of love.
Please Do NOT Lose HOPE! you Can MOVE yes YOU CAN, its Not to Late And its NEVER !

I Got to Ask Myself Every Single Day “War, Rape, Murder, Poverty, Famine, Drugs is Fine And Equal rights for gays is BAD?

Let us come together and synthesize our histories into today
Let us All Stand up And Fight For Equality
Help us to stand together peacefully.
Please do not divide us We’re All Humans , We’re All Family , We’re The Same DNA
You could move

By: Danny


About DannySays

Danny is a guy with lots on his mind; he is a gay Arab man; a writer and a cheesy person most of the time.
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