In a world with no homophobia, things would go this way:

anti homophobia 2

-Children won’t feel weird about same sex attraction, everyone has it at a certain point

-Guilt towards God would not exist, we’d promise him to have safe sex

-Bullying in schools would not be there, and would not cause Suicide

-Coming out would not be necessary, and therefore less usage of Closets

-Clothes of straight men would be more fabulous, even the word Fabulous wouldn’t be that stereotyping

-There would be no debate about if we chose to be homosexual or not, the word “homosexual” would probably not exist

-There would be no fights for marriage equality, we wouldn’t be even happy for having a gay official

-Straight men would go “aaaahhhhhhh” when they see 2 men kissing in the street, same applies on straight women seeing 2 women kissing.

-The world would be less of an aggressive place to live in, of course more arts and better taste

-We wouldn’t witness the opening of Gay Churches and Mosques, catastrophic

-Gaga wouldn’t have been that famous

-No hate crimes would happen, only love crimes

-Lebanon would be definitely a better country to live in, Ghost would have been still open

-We wouldn’t have witnessed the Online Pillow Fight between Joe Maalouf and Jiyad El Murr, urghhh

-Nidal Al Ahmadiyyeh would have shut Al Jaras magazine already

-Antoine Shakhtoura wouldn’t have been such an asshole

-Marwan Charbel wouldn’t have been that dumb

-I wouldn’t have wrote this post, and therefore you wouldn’t have taken the time to read it

By: Joseph Aoun

Original Link: http://angrytinkerbell.wordpress.com/2013/05/14/a-world-with-no-homophobia/


About DannySays

Danny is a guy with lots on his mind; he is a gay Arab man; a writer and a cheesy person most of the time.
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