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“How could anyone ever tell you, You were anything less than beautiful?”  Hi, my name is Rita, and I’m a deeply flawed person. I’m fat, I’m clumsy, and I have huge eyes. I’m a little whiney, and overly dramatic. I’m … Continue reading

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I decided to ignore the warnings, the stories and the rumors. I kissed him goodnight, in the middle of downtown Beirut. Everything I expected from a first kiss was there: the pounding heart, the butterflies, the thrill, and the joy… … Continue reading

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I moved to Montreal and a whole new world opened up for me. It wasn’t like I hadn’t already had my share of fun in Beirut, it was just that now I could do it without having to look over … Continue reading

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EQUALATHON: I Chose to be Gay

Yes, you’re reading it right. Your eyes are fine. It was back in 2000. I was 18 years old. I woke up on a rainy sunday morning, had eggs and tea with my parents, headed back to my bedroom and … Continue reading

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Ignorance & Stubborrnness

Ignorance. The fact that hate is part of our education, the fact that we are not aware of decisions taken in 1973, the fact that we do not want to know. Stubbornness. The fact that what our parents tell us … Continue reading

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